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Thinking of skiing/boarding in Canada (or mountain biking in summer)? My friends run a place in Kimberley:

Trail Street Guest House

Yet to ski USA / Canada? Find out why you should:

Board USA (1)    Board USA (2)

Want to go find the greatest snow on Earth?

Utah    Utah / Alta (1)    Alta (2) / The Canyons (1)    The Canyons (2) / Deer Valley (1)
Deer Valley (2) / Park City (1)    Park City (2)    Park City (3)    Snowbasin
Snowbird 500 in snow a year, riding neck deep in powder - powdertastic!
Utah avalanche (heed all warnings)


Colorado    Aspen (1)    Aspen (2)    Aspen (3)
Aspen (4) Beaver Creek (1)    Beaver Creek (2)
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snowmophobia sno-mo-fo-bee-arr

A deep resentment of a snow sport using different equipment to navigate the mountain other than the equipment used by the snowmophobic individual. Is usually as a result of snow sport envy. The snowphobic person may have seen users of different equipment performing a far more visually effective style, be able to manouevre in powder and trees with ease, and perform graceful aerial manouevres at leisure; whilst his/her own ability is limited to purely making some turns down a slope. This lures the snowphobic person to the opposing sport, however the individual feels he/she cannot change at too late a time in life and so a deep resentment builds and a state of denial is entered.

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